About Us

SailAdventures vof is a Dutch-based company that promotes the liveaboard life throughout the world. Our aim with SailAdventures is to sell the concept of cruising the seas as a way of living and to make the adventures of other cruisers more comfortable and secure.

Sailing the European coast from the Dutch Wadden to Gibraltar and exploring the Mediterranean was our first big step into sailing and it gave us the opportunity to get a first impression of the liveaboard community and other cruisers. Setting up and accompany the first Red Sea Rally was quite an experience. Lots of lessons learned and people met. Afterwards the Indian Ocean showed us the vasteness of the world and gave us ample time to think about life and living it. We did the Atlantic crossing twice and experience a totally different life in the Caribbean.

In all this time we met a lot of different people, of different nations, cultures, nationalities and religions. Many of them were liveaboards, with their own way of life so alien to what we knew, basic and with a freshening view on many of the world's problems, but having some of their own too. We met many locals, living in very different ways and with huge difference in standards, ranging from very rich to ultimately poor. Besides all these there were allways the tourists as well, of whom many loved to taste our way of life and brought us back memories of our old way of life.

All these experiences led to our starting to look at and think about this 'cruising life' in a different way. This lifestyle lets you experience your influence on your own environment and shows exactly why you have to be environmentally conscious, due your own limited resources. We would like to explain this way of life to the people at home and promote this lifestyle.
This is why we started Sail Adventures.

The people behind SailAdventures are John Hoedemakers and Jolanda Geerdink, both experienced sailors and extended cruisers since 2001.

We hope we can help you out, let you enjoy life like we do and let you taste the cruising life.

John and Jolanda
SailAdventures vof